Ask die me 3 years 5 months – March 2015

I almost “died” twice today…..

We were driving back from JPO when it started… as there might be a traffic jam on the way back (Monday being a working day and we are leaving for home at 4pm), I got some dough fritters for myself to munch on.

She saw me munching on them from behind her car seat and asked to try one. As they were not cut evenly, I took a quick look at it and gave her a piece that’s slightly bigger and won’t possibly break apart, making a mess. After handing it to her, she tried it and decided that she likes it.


And the interrogation started. …

1. Mummy, this is nice! I like it. What’s it called?

You tiao

2. What’s it called in English?

Dough fritters

3. Have I eaten this before?

No, but i offered you many times before and you didn’t want it.

4. Where did you take it from?

This plastic bag (lifted it up to show her), we bought it together when daddy went to get the car remember?

5. Ohhhh… why did you buy it?

Cos its going to be a long journey home and there might be a traffic jam. So i wanted something to munch on.

6. Why is it going to be a long journey? And why traffic jam?

Our home is in Singapore and we are in Malaysia now. We are not near our home as we had drove quite a bit for our holiday. It’s almost 5pm and there’s a possibility of traffic jam when everyone finishes work.

7. What were you looking at before you gave it to me?

(My mind tried to recall what was I looking at… thankfully by now, I’m used to taking mental notes of all my actions in case she questions them)

ohhh… i was checking out which is a better piece to give to you

8. Why?

Cos some were cut into half and it’ll drop and make a mess when you’re trying to eat it.

9. Why won’t it drop when you eat it?

Cos my mouth is bigger, i can eat the whole piece without dropping, your mouth is smaller, so when you bite a small corner of it, the half cut piece  will most likely drop and make a mess .

10. ooohhhh.. I can break it in half and hold in 2 hands?

(Stumped briefly. Honestly that was a good solution that i didn’t think of)… yes, that’s very true and it’ll solve the problem. But i see you are already holding a card on your other hand. ( ah hah!! Mummy 1 Ari 0   )

11. Ooohh… Mummy, can I have another one?

(  thankfully, that was the end of the first round of interrogation  )

By this point, I almost wanted to cry and hubby was already laughing at my agonized face. All i wanted was eat my dough fritters… i didn’t even do anything except take a quick look to decide which piece is better for her. She spotted THAT QUICK LOOK and a barrage of questions came.


:::::::::::::::::::::  second interrogation :::::::::::::::::::::

It was bedtime and she wanted to chat for a little…

A : Mummy, do sharks roar?

No they don’t.

A : Then what do they do?

They swim

A : They don’t roar?


A : Then what else do they do?

They swim in the ocean or sea, they hunt for food….

A : What’s hunt?

You know, in our human world, daddy goes to work and makes the money, then we buy our food? In the animal world, they don’t have jobs. They don’t go to work. They have to find their own food. For sharks, they eat smaller fishes. So they will swim around, and when they see a fish, they will chase after the fish and bite it and eat it up. That’s called hunting. In this case, we call the shark a predator and the fish is its prey. Get it?

A : Ohhh yes.

So tell me who’s the predator?

A : Shark

Who’s the prey?

A : Fish.

Yes. So the shark has to hunt for its food. It’s not easy so they don’t waste food and eat it all up. Just like why we always tell you not to waste food. Daddy also has to work hard to earn the money to buy food for us. When you don’t finish the food, we throw our food away,  but you’re still hungry,  then we have to waste money to buy more food right? (Ah hah!  See what i did there?  I shrewdly incorporated an important message about food wastage!!!)

A : Yeah. Mama, tell me about the smaller fishes. (Yup, completely ignoring my important message about food wastage)

There are many fishes in the sea. Some are small and some are big. They all have different names.

A : Mama, tell me their names.

(Omg do i have to??? ) there’s clown fish, lion fish, puffer fish, blue fin tuna (running out of fish species that i know of)…  and there’s other sea creatures too like octopus, squid, star fish , jelly fish, sea turtles etc (hoping my strategy of topic diversion worked)

A : Mama, tell me more fish names.

Sweetie (feeling not very smart right now)… I dunno most of the names of the fishes in the sea. Maybe next time we can ask a marine biologist.

A : What’s that?

A marine biologist is a person who studies about the fishes and creatures in the sea. They know a lot more about fishes than mummy. (I only know the ones that we eat ok? )

A : Who’s she?

Err…. i dunno any marine biologist yet. … when i see one,  I’ll ask for his /her name and we can ask him or her about the fishes  k?

A :  Ok.

In the meantime, I’ll go buy you a book on fishes and sea creatures.

A : Err. …. it’s ok. We buy a princess book first, then next time we buy the fishes book.

You already have a princess book.

A : I want the one with the stamp.

The one you saw with koko des last month but didn’t buy?

A : Yes , that’s the one i want.

Ok sweetie. I’ll buy you both books then ( let’s just buy all the books to answer your questions)


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